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Friday, October 8, 2010, 10:11 PM
The Long Battle

Waiharlothar. :D

Exams are finally over~ *jelly dances*

But now, all that's left to worry about is the exam results. 

Monday, October 4, 2010, 2:03 AM

Maths + IH = Killer


Rest in Peace, Shinna di Vongola... (LOL Jk. xD)

I think I won't make it. Sad to say, but I'm prepared for the worst. :(

Saturday, October 2, 2010, 1:01 AM

Hmm, well. I guess you could say I'm neutral to you now. But in actual reality, you piss me off - really bad. I played a joke on you - a mean joke, that is. I let you off for now, but that doesn't mean I won't break you when you make a wrong move.

Why hello there, fellow readers.

Finally have a new recruit for JSP. Kirsten, that is. She'll be in charge of fanart. Haha. I ain't gonna recruit you. Don't act emo because I won't give a damn. 

So basically... JSP's main characters is Jaden and me, Shinna. (Because we created the whole thing). Ebony Rose (Kirsten), Ayumi and Kair will be secondary. If there's anyone who has the time to animate and draw, there are still vacant spots. (Because when we graduate, no one will take care of JSP anymore so we need underlings.) 

Let me mock you one more time. I ain't gonna recruit you. Besides, even though I admitted that I played a joke on you, everything you do pisses me off. :X

Saturday, September 25, 2010, 9:07 PM
Humans as Puzzles? :O

Hello my dear fellow readers... I just came back from Philippines a while a go. It's amazing that I didn't suffer from jet lag. :D

Even though I wasn't in Singapore, my right hand person (yes, you Lourdy. For you are the desperada made to use the Storm Ring), SMS-ed me. LOL. My prediction was correct. Now that I've completely cracked that mind of hers, she kinda bores me now. :O

Conclusion: She tried replacing me, but ended up failing since she didn't have the original awesome Shinna-ness in her. Yahoo. :D

But seriously, I don't care anymore. Whether she likes it or not, I wont invite her to come to our world. :D

To JSP members: Should we get recruits? :O

And no, not you. You're too fake. :D

Shinna-sama was here. Wait, "-sama"?! Tee hee. :D

Tuesday, September 14, 2010, 7:21 AM
When Bitchy-ness kicks in...

LOL. I think I really lost it today... I kinda let my "evil aura" (how some of my friends described it. :O) out when someone burst my happy bubble. I wonder what Kayashima from Hana Kimi (the aura guy) will say when he sees me.

"Shinna, I see evil, murderous aura radiating from you. :OOOO"

I didn't expect it actually (If you lie, yoghurt will disappear from the world. *shot*). I rarely release it.

Sorry Debbs, if I scared you. Hohoho. :D

Illiya, I shall forget about the disturbing news you told me. :D

The awesome, double-personality Shinna was here. Tee hee. :3

Wednesday, September 8, 2010, 4:54 AM
Weird much? o_o

Ok, I deserve a LONG holiday. EVERYONE does. Secondary school life is cool and all, but there's almost no holidays. It's not a holiday if we're practically forced to come back to school all the time. >.>

Today was Maths Lesson. It was okay. Jaden, Kair and I were like giggling at the back like some naughty school girls (and no, not erotic school girls. Get your goddamn facts right, you pervert. :X). Ayumi was creeped out because of it. You may be wondering why she was like this.... Well, Jaden, Kair and I were imitating Charlie the Unicorn. Hey, lessons are boring, so we're trying to get back the lives we lost. o_o

After Maths Lesson, we went to the toilet. I kinda got creeped out when we (not exactly "we" but just read on) went to the toilet. Before Ayumi and Jaden went to the cubicles, I saw Kair walk into the second cubicle without saying a word to us. While the others were doing their business, I was moping about the pimples on my face. Then, everyone finished out, except for Kair. We were waiting but the cubicle didn't open. Then, Jaden knocked on the door to check whether Kair was inside. No reply. So, Ayumi went to see whether someone was in the cubicle by stepping on the toilet bowl of the first cubicle and then peeping over the cubicle wall. Jaden also checked if she can find Kair's shoes in the second cubicle. She wasn't there. Then Kair suddenly walked into the toilet. She said she was outside all along. It kind of puzzled me. If I saw "Kair" go to the second toilet and Kair was outside all along, who is the "Kair" in the toilet?

LOL, but all of us shrugged it like it was nothing. Maybe the "ghost" of the second floor girls toilet went 2 levels up. Ok, I'm gonna stop this now. It's creeping me out. o_o

I have nothing much to say for the Hari Raya preparations. :D

Ciao ciao peeps. :D

Shinna wus here. Tee hee. :3

Monday, September 6, 2010, 2:05 AM
Wonders of Photoshop

Well, I know all of you like Photoshop effects. I like 'em too, especially if it's for bullshit purposes. I was looking through and I found this picture.

LOL. Another proof that Twilight is gay. :D (1st point was that Edward is a sparkle fairy. :D)

"Damn you, Voldemort. You turned Cedric Diggory into sparkly Edward. Sparkle sparkle~ :3" ~Shinna Grace